The World is Not Flatter


Thomas Friedman wrote a book about how the world is flat. The world is not flat, I believe that in a sense that people are more enclosed in their own world then ever before. People I believe have the opportunity to connect more to those that are around them, but a lot of people do not take that risk. They have the opportunity to outsource, insource and do things in ways that we never thought possible, but more important than how we do things is how often we do things. 90% of internet traffic is local. This leads me to believe that physical geography is still a great motivator in keeping people and nationas apart. I believe that the book is full of anecdotes and does not have the basis in reality that one needs to have to convince someone of the real truth of things. I enjoyed listening to the stories, but thought that the book would be more useful if it were shorter and contained more basis in studies.


Whited sepulchres


Filtering the internet to protect vulgar, pornographic, or inappropriate websites may be good, but when it is a government what is their motivation  Around the world the internet is filtered in varying degrees. Recently Russia began to block almost two hundred websites. These include Russian websites that  are vulgar or give suicide techniques. Is this ethical or is this leaving the weightier matters undone? The cost of filtering the internet in Russia alone is estimated to cost ten billion dollars. What about the poor in Russia?