Obessing over Video Games

I quit video games during high school—cold turkey . I do not play them even years later, and my wife believes that if I did not quit video gaming, she would not have married me. I believe that many video games become habit forming, even though I did not play massively mulitplayer online games. A fabricated world is not an alternate reality because once the game is turned off, it disappears. Playing video games with my brothers or by myself used to be the ultimate vacation. It was all that I wanted to do when I had free time. Even though I was playing with others, I felt like my family relationships were becoming weaker than when we had played together outside on the trampoline or went biking because physically you are not engaged in the virtual world. You grow no muscles playing all day long on Playstation, your thumbs may be sore, but there are certainly no muscles developed. New technologies may have changed that, but to me weaning myself from excessive video game playing has been a lifesaver, and helped me to become more social, and enjoy life so much more. I remember hearing Elder Bednar speak about the problems of excessive gaming. I felt grateful for my decision to stop.


2 thoughts on “Obessing over Video Games

  1. I like your thoughts about the difference between jumping on the tramp or going on a hike. There is something about playing video games for hours on end that leaves you feeling sick. While it is more enjoyable playing with your siblings, creating memories that result in negative emotions doesn’t seem like the best long-term bonding strategy.

  2. Way to go cold turkey! That’s impressive. I agree that although you may like you made an accomplishment in your game, you have not grown at all in the real world.

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