File Sharing Justified?

Finding an excuse for downloading music or software illegally is too easy. Orson Scott Card points to corporations stealing profits from music writers. Regardless or not of dubious practices of hoarding royalties from artists you still break the law. If you travel to other countries you find piracy rampant. Walking down the open air markets I have seen this first hand in Brazil and Peru. You see computers that run pirated versions of Windows. Whether individual or by corporation you cannot break the commandment “thou shalt not steal,” you can only break yourself against the commandment. As a software developer with a music minor I believe that those who are justifying themselves with that excuse, are still stealing. Obedience brings forth blessings. By requiring labor to earn the money to pay for it. Children and teens who pay for music could spend more time working to earn the money while develop morals, discipline and work ethic.


One thought on “File Sharing Justified?

  1. Obviously there is no excuse for stealing, but hopefully there will be a way to make music and certain products cheaper to purchase.

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