Apples to Apples: Google Maps vs Apple Maps

Google Maps routes Thailand

After upgrading my iPad to iOS 6 last week, I lost the Google Maps application which was replaced by Apple Maps. Others have also complained about many inaccuracies in Apple Maps; however, even more than missing an old application, I feel betrayed by loss of the community that refined Google maps for many years now. Although Apple’s application is technically superior with newer three dimensional map imagery, there can be no substitute for Google’s accurate and complete information. Much of the information available on Google Maps was crowdsourced by users, including me. I personally submitted the names of Heritage Halls to Google maps. I feel that although the new application surpasses Google’s technologically, but the fundamental lack of openness in its development has stifled many who have contributed useful geographic data that Apple Maps is missing such as the location of streets, businesses, and public facilities such as tennis courts, and international data.


One thought on “Apples to Apples: Google Maps vs Apple Maps

  1. I really miss google maps on my iPhone. The new Apple maps are pretty slick, but they just don’t have the depth of Google maps.

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